Why rent a new apartment ?

You want to invest in rental property but are hesitating between new and old ? Here are some characteristics of new construction that may convince you to opt for a newly built property to rent instead.

Maintenance costs are lower than in the old

Who says new housing says new equipment, facilities, openings and shell. This is obvious, but necessary to remember ! Therefore, when you buy new to rent, you own a home that will not require an additional budget to pay for repairs for several years, either for the apartment itself or for the condominium if it is a purchase in a new building. Find out about all properties for sales here. 

Similarly, for the facilities such as the kitchen or bathroom, these being new as well, you are safe for several years.

New housing attracts many tenants

Who says new housing says modern construction, made of recent materials, a well thought out distribution of rooms, the latest equipment and above all, no small maintenance work to expect. The common areas are all as new as if you were in a building... so many arguments that will attract many tenants because when we place ourselves from their point of view, we must not forget that in residential real estate, some maintenance work is the responsibility of the inhabitants and this even if they are not owners. 

Therefore, those who live in an apartment or a new house will be as serene as you on possible maintenance costs to be expected and less problems related to common areas that can be uncomfortable on a daily basis, such as clogged pipes or insulation that leaves something to be desired.

The unit is up to the latest thermal standards

Another element that may convince tenants to choose your property, which is new, over an old one, is the fact that your housing is built to the latest standards, currently the RT 2012 and soon, the RE 2020 for housing built from the summer of 2021. This confers an optimal sound and thermal insulation and therefore the possibility to make energy savings on heating and electricity by living in a quiet and silent home in which you can receive friends without getting angry with the neighbors. These financial savings and this comfort of life will seduce the potential tenants.