Why opt for perineal bicycle saddles?

You are a cyclist or you practice cycling as a sport. Did you know that a bad choice of saddle can have a negative impact on your health? Taking a good saddle such as the perineal is therefore taking care of your well-being. You may be wondering why you should choose a perineal saddle. In this article you will find the reasons why you should choose a perineal saddle.

A solution for your well-being

As a cyclist, your health should be one of your major concerns. Discover the best saddles for perineal numbness. Given the delicacy of the perineum for cyclists, it is preferable that they use perineal saddles. Indeed, the perineum is the part that receives more pressure in all cycling modalities. 

Apart from a good posture on the bike, you should also choose a perineal saddle for your bike. Your position on the bike should distribute your weight proportionally to avoid pain or numbness in your body. Perineal saddles have a hole in the centre of the saddle, leaving room for this area to be free of pressure. It is a recommended saddle for those who suffer from perineal pressure cycle problems.

Criteria to consider when choosing a perineal saddle

The saddle on your bike is a piece of equipment designed to improve your comfort and safety, so you should choose it according to certain criteria. Firstly, the width of the saddle should be taken into consideration as it varies from person to person. It depends on your height, weight and body type. You can measure the width in inches or centimetres.

The aim is to prevent cyclists from choosing the wrong saddle. Most people who use perineal saddles choose a saddle whose width matches their shape. Some people prefer narrow saddles while others prefer wide saddles because they are more comfortable. For your convenience, it is advisable to choose this saddle.