Skincare : how to provide better care for your skin ?

Skincare : how to provide better care for your skin ?
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  1. Read the ingredients list
  2. Stop smoking-eat healthy foods
  3. Take care of your skin as gently as you can

From our morning coffee to our last routine before going to bed, human lives have been built on habits. For some reason, several habits are perceived as negative. However, we can still create the ones that will be beneficial not only to our health, but also to our skin! Here are some tips that can help you pamper your skin!  

Read the ingredients list

Glowing, healthy and beautiful skin? Each of us has once been dreaming about it. This goal is actually achievable when you are ready to do what it takes to get there. For instance, read the ingredients list! The current trends are about what we usually call in french cosmétique bio; that is natural products. But are all those market products natural? That is the reason why you should read and understand the ingredients list. Always remember that good ingredients make good products. 

Stop smoking-eat healthy foods

We all know that smoking is not safe for the lungs. But did you know that it is so bad for your skin? In fact, smoking makes your skin look dried and older. It also contributes to the development of wrinkles, damages the elasticity of your skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. Thus, if you are willing to provide the best care for your skin, you better avoid or quit smoking and start eating healthy foods! Plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and water! 

Take care of your skin as gently as you can

It is good to clean up your skin, especially when it is dirty but cleaning up too much can do wrong to your skin. Limiting your hot and long bath is a good start! You should also prefer soft soaps or any other naturally-made cleansers. Do not forget to moisturize and protect your skin from the sun! Moisturizing is a must if you basically want to take care of your skin.
Actually, take care of your skin as you would take care of a new-born!

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