Rolling your eyes: how and why?

To get a message across, several means of communication can be used. These include verbal, gestural and symbolic communication. Apart from these, there is also eye communication, which generally expresses displeasure in response to an unpleasant intervention. If you want to know more about this means of communication, this article is well placed to guide you.

How do I roll my eyes?

Rolling your eyes is a typical communication that is essentially based on expressing your feelings about an unpleasant statement. It is actually a response to someone who is upsetting us. It is a facial language largely preferred by the female person. Rolling the eyes is a very simple and easy movement to do. To perform this movement, here is what you have to do.

First, start by raising your eyes without moving your head. This will send the eye colour upwards. Then, start by swinging your eyes from one side to the other, reproducing the arc of a circle. This movement should be reproduced in such a way that the person looking at you sees the whites of the eyes the most. Note that you should send your gaze as high as possible until you are no longer able to raise it any higher. To see if you can do it, try it in front of a person or a simple photo will do.

Why roll your eyes?

Rolling your eyes is a movement through which the face expresses a feeling. Most often, this look appears instinctively following an event or an inappropriate comment. In such situations, it is very difficult to hide this expressive look, which is intended to convey a message. Thus, we roll our eyes to get a message across. There are other gaze movements similar to eye rolling. These include eye shrugs and closing the eyelids at a higher frequency. All of these movements convey a specific information depending on the situation.