Our tips for dealing with stress

Stress is a natural biological reaction of an organism to a certain situation or environment. The repercussions of this reaction are generally not beneficial for the individual under stress. If you are a victim of this reaction every time, find out in the next few lines of this article tips on how to better manage stress.

Practice deep breathing

Stress usually arises when you are faced with a situation, whether positive or negative. If you don't do anything to silence this reaction, it can have unpleasant effects on your health. However, to counteract this reaction of the body, several methods have been introduced. One of these methods is breathing. This method is by no means a myth. Breathing really does have an effect on stress and its symptoms. With just a few minutes of deep breathing, you can easily calm down the anxiety of stress. To do this, retire to a quiet place. Then place one of your hands on your stomach and breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose and hold for four to five seconds. Then breathe out through your mouth, always counting down from four or five. Repeat the same exercise three to four times. You will see that the tension will decrease.

Distract yourself with visualisation

There is also another trick that can be used to relieve stress: visualisation. It is a favourite tool for some people and is suitable for everyone in any situation. With this method, there is a very high probability of lowering the stress level. It consists of visualizing an imaginary or real place in which you feel comfortable and safe. The aim of this method is not necessarily to visualise the images in your head. You should try to feel the sense of well-being and relaxation that the place you are visualising brings to you. Whenever the effects of stress come back, just spend four or five minutes doing this exercise. You will see that the tension will subside. Note that you can practice this exercise in a quiet place as well as in a busy place.