How to search for a lost indoor cat ?

Searching for a lost cat has never been an easy task. When this happens, the cat's owner is in a tizzy and wants to go to any lengths to find her pet. Read on to find out what to do when this happens.

Things to do when your cat is lost

To find your cat, start by placing ads in newspapers. Indeed, placing various advertisements in local newspapers can be one of the most effective ways of finding your lost cat. Apart from that, other thing to do is to locate your cat nearby. Cats are very territorial by nature, and would rather stay in their territory than move to another territory and risk getting into a fight with other cats. Also, enlist the help of your neighbours to help you send out a search party in the neighbourhood. Most of the time, an indoor cat that leaves the house will not go beyond a five-house radius. Finally, also contact local veterinarians and animal shelters.

Precautions to take before letting your cat out 

The very first precaution to take before letting your cat out is to make sure that it has an up-to-date vaccination and, above all, that it is properly identified. That is to say, a tattoo and a microchip. Note that his vaccinations must be up to date to avoid the risk of any infection. As for the tattoo and microchip, these precautions will allow the vets to identify him and to contact you in case he gets lost. Next, have your cat wear a collar. This will clearly indicate his name and your contact details.  You should also put up a notice to declare your cat lost if it is still not found. Finally, one more precaution is to protect your cat from fleas and ticks with a suitable anti-parasite.