How much to plan for renovating your house?

Have you just bought a house that you want to refurbish? Or does your home need some beautification because of its age? You decide to start renovating your home. You wonder how much you should plan to achieve your goal and see your project come to fruition. This article will help you know which envelopes to plan for.

What category of renovation?

Before you can know how much to spend on renovating your home, you first need to know what type of renovation you want to do. If you want to check out the renovation categories, check this out, you will know which one matches yours. Indeed, here are the possible renovation categories:

• A partial renovation of the home

• A total renovation

• Heavy renovation

As a minimum for your renovation, you should allow between 160 and 1250 euros per m2.

What budget should be planned for each type of work?

The renovation can involve larger jobs that are the most expensive in the work of a renovation project. They can cost you on average between 15 and 21,100 euros per m2. The most expensive structural works are relative: the roof, the framework, the plumbing, the masonry, etc.

Your renovation can also be about the layout of the space. It could then be an arrangement of the attic, the kitchen, the partitions, the bathroom or an extension of the house. Here you will pay between 8 and 2,650 euros per m2 or for the bathroom between 830 and 5,100 euros.

If your work will focus on energy renovation, which is essential in the event of renovation, you must provide an envelope ranging from 23 to 15,100 euros. You might want to insulate floors, roof, walls or attic; change windows or water boiler. You may also want to install a heat pump, natural gas heating or electric heating.