Developing the mind in Shaolin practices

To effectively succeed in the practice of Shaolin, it is essential to know certain notions. Practicing Shaolin requires that your mind be developed. The development of the mind requires the mastery of breathing. Discover in this article some information that will be useful to you.


What you need to know about connecting the mind to the breath


You are not unaware of what the body is. Everyone knows that the body is something touchable, physical and palpable. So what about the spirit? You need the mind to understand the concept of the spirit, read this post here  to understand more. So, know that the spirit is something invisible, but only the body has a form. They are therefore two different things, namely the body having form and the spirit devoid of form. The question that it is possible to ask is to know what binds them. At this level, simply understand that it is the breath that connects them. Breathing is then something important because if it is powerful, the mind can quickly connect. It is the breath that plays the role of intermediary between body and mind. It is then necessary to always seek harmony between body and mind by mastering the notions of breathing.


How to Strengthen the Body Through the Mind


There is talk of using the mind to strengthen the mind, but initially, it is controversial because the body is used to support the mind. When we talk about the body, it is about strength and this strength supports the spirit which will accomplish dreams and goals. To achieve goals, you must stay committed. Then your mind must be strong and resilient. It is because the spirit is strong and solid that the body is able to assume different positions or forms and remain so for several minutes without moving or getting tired.