DDOS attack: What is it ?

DDOS attacks are seen as a malicious attempt by a third party to overload systems. It also overloads networks with dangerous requests. This also results in websites losing visibility to customers: no more purchases or account logins. Networks are hindered in the event of a DDOS attack by bandwidth saturation. For more information, read the rest of this article.

The different types of DDOS attacks

Nowadays, if you are a digital enthusiast, note that there are attacks that are done at every moment by malicious people. DDOS Protection is nevertheless a tool to repress against these attacks. To do this, it is important to have an idea of the possible attacks you may face. For example, there is the TCP SYN flooding attack, TCP ACK flooding, ICMP echo request flooding and TCP SYN-ACK reflection flooding (DRDoS). Similarly, there are HTTP and HTTPS Flood smart attacks and TCP IP fragmented attacks that threaten your website dangerously. If you are an entrepreneur, you had better take DDOS protection with you. Because the proliferation of attacks is skyrocketing by the day.

How to protect yourself against these attacks

The best way to be safe from DDOS attacks is to opt for sophisticated protection or antivirus software. Indeed, technology today offers many solutions to ensure the security of your online activities. You have the opportunity to mitigate DDOS threats. For this purpose, there are companies composed of specialists in attack mitigation, who come to your rescue. Their service follows a process. First, they launch an attack that exists to identify which one it is. Then, they propose their mitigation solution that blocks the attack within a few cubits. In short, for the security of your websites, call on the DDOS experts.