Affiliate marketing: what do you understand about this program?

Today, more and more businesses are turning to affiliate marketing to generate or increase their profits. When used properly, affiliate marketing has proven to be a very effective tool. So, what is affiliate marketing, and what does it actually involve?

How does affiliate marketing work?

We will explain it to you in a clear and concise way. Retain at first that affiliate marketing has 4 actors, 3 of which are main. - An advertiser - An affiliate - A consumer - A network (not essential) Let's say that John is an advertiser who sells fine lingerie (panties, bras, sexy pyjamas...). He contacts or is contacted by Paul, an affiliate, who will be in charge of promoting the products and selling them. Paul establishes in his turn a good sales strategy and succeeds in convincing Nathalie who takes an article from him. Nathalie becomes the consumer, as she is the one who will ultimately use the product. Paul then returns to John and John pays him a commission for the item sold. This is what affiliate marketing is all about. It allows businesses to gain more customers without incurring intermediate costs and affiliates to make money based on their performance. You can start your affiliate experience with this link, one of the sites where this marketing business works very well. So it's up to you to do more research to compare these sites and choose the best one(s).

What is the benefit of doing affiliate marketing?

Advertisers: this marketing allows you through the audience that your partners have, to improve and grow your visibility with your targets. Economical, you will only spend when you have won. Also, it helps to easily calculate your profit margins in advance. Affiliates: Affiliate marketing is a way for you to offer good products (often inaccessible) to your customers. For those who have a website, Facebook page, Instagram, etc... where there is a large community, this marketing would be a boon for you to monetize your interactions.