Post Show Report of Cambodia Phar-Med Expo 2015

A country of 15.4 million people, Cambodia’s 2014 GDP was about $16.7 billion with growth around 7%. As the Cambodian economy develops, healthcare spending has been expanding throughout the country. The healthcare market in Cambodia will be worth close to $1 billion in 2015, including a pharmaceuticals market valued at $210 million with double-digit growth. Approximately 55% of the pharmaceutical market is composed of imports, and there is significant local preference for foreign medicines. Though still smaller and more difficult to do business in than many of its neighbors, Cambodia’s medical market is on a positive trajectory that should soon attract more attention from international medical device and pharmaceutical companies. (

Cambodia Phar-Med Expo
2015, Cambodia No.1 specialist exhibition – the gateway to Cambodia Medical and healthcare industry provided more businesses and trade development opportunities for enterprise participating in the exhibition, created a platform that brings domestic and international enterprises in the healthcare related industries together for business cooperation, showcase an extensive and comprehensive display of quality an extensive and comprehensive display of quality and cost-effective products covering cutting-edge medical equipment and equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical formulations & ingredients, manufacturing technology and natural health and nutrition and much more from around the world.

Supporting the event, H.E. Chhuon Dara  Secretary  of  State  of  the Ministry of Commerce  and officials, Dr. Heng  Bunkiet  Director  of  Department  of  Drug  and Food, Ministry of Health, Dr. Kong Piseth from Cambodia Medical Association described the event as a biggest healthcare event in Cambodia and it’s vital for promoting Cambodia’s healthcare industry so that it achieves higher capacity and competitiveness to step into the region and world standard with confidence.


Show overview




VISITORS - From 19 countries
Cambodia, India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Pakistan, Germany, England, Italy, USA, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, France, Romania, Japan, Korea, Malaysia

“ This is a very good show for us! The quality of the visitors has been absolutely excellent. We have met some really interesting potential clients. A worthy investment” – Mr. Andrei Shydlouski , Chief of marketing and sales department of MINSKINTERCAPS, U.V from Belarus .

“ We got a lot of support from VEAS CO LTD- the organizer of Cambodia Phar-Med 2015. Thank you very much for this event. We found it very useful for our business” – Dr. Lokiat Ullah, Executive Director of BIOPHARMA from Bangladesh.

“ As a local company in Cambodia, the show is great  for our business. We even got some order during 2 days of the show “-  Mr. Kao Srong Pheng- Vice Director of EPHAC CO., LTD from Cambodia.

“ This is the first time we do business in Cambodia via this exhibition. We found the potential of Cambodia market and hope to be back next year”- Mr Felix Joe- Marketing of PT SANI TIARA from Indonesia.

“ A good show to join!  Hope we can get more business in near future “- Ms Lydia Liu- Product Manager of HEBEI MEPHA PHARM GROUP CO.,LTD from China.

Full show report here: Download

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